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The word breed comes from the Old English bredan which means to "bring young to birth," but also "cherish,” which is how we feel about all of our Lakeshore offspring.  We are very careful to place our cherished babies in homes that will give them the loving
and quality homes they deserve. 

What sets Lakeshore   puppies apart...

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Our puppies are handled and snuggled from the moment they are born.  We sleep in the same room with the puppies for the first two weeks of birth to make sure they are safe, warm, and nursing properly.  After 3 weeks they begin to be exposed to different people of different ages and are held and played with all the time!  They are exposed to various sounds and smells and gradually other dogs as well as learning about fun in the puppy play yard. 

Puppies also have exposure to sleeping and resting in crates before they go home. We are firm believers of Crate Training your puppy.  They are comfortable lounging around in crates with the doors open so they can come and go freely.  The crate is not a lonely place for them, but a place of rest and quiet and not a bathroom.  


We start early with potty training.  Puppy pads are place right outside of the bedding area and gradually moved further and further away as they pups begin to walk and move around.  They are then introduced to a potty area which they seek out for potty breaks by 4 weeks of age.   They are also taken outside frequently and exposed to grassy areas with their own scent for potty time.  Although they may still have an accident at their new home, they will have the foundation for pottying in designated areas, but more importantly...outside!


At 6 weeks old we start putting harnesses on the pups and start getting them used to walking on a leash.  They wear the harnesses around some during the day so they are comfortable with the feel and are walked on the leash many times between 6 and 8 weeks.


Lakeshore Goldens reserves the right to keep a male or a female from any litter.  From time to time a pup may be reserved by the breeder by six to eight weeks of age and returned back into the breeding program.  Our guardian program is also available to certain families.  This involves putting the puppy in a loving home while retaining the opportunity to use the pup in our breeding program after they have passed all health clearances at two years old.  We always reserve the right to keep a puppy for our own home.


From days 3-16 we employ Early Neurological Stimulation to help give your puppy the best start in life. ENS has been found to help puppies handle stress, improve physiological functioning, and increase curiosity.  Our puppies are constantly introduced to new sounds, smells, textures, surfaces, people of all ages and more.  They have access to all types of puppy interactive situations like the puppy gym to challenge them to learn.  They have a large secure area to explore and gain confidence in themselves.  They are all quite curious and confident when they go to their new homes.

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Raising Puppies with Confidence!
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Lakeshore English Goldens 

Happiness begins with a wet nose and ends with a tail!

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