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“We have two pups from Cathy at Lakeshore Goldens - Fenway Parker and Piper. They each have wonderful dispositions, are great with our children and other pets in our home.”

— Sarah W.  Sid and Willow 2017 & 2018

“Cathy and her facilities are the best and her retrievers are wonderful beautiful dogs. There is love all around”

— Kenny B. Ben and Lucy 2019

"Hello, I stumbled across your page and just couldn’t look away. Your dogs are beautiful!"

— Ross Higgins

"Hi, Cathy. Robin Rowell's husband. Thank you so so much for the fun and joy you have brought to our world. Lakin is so smart, sweet, adventurous, and most, so loving. Lakin is such a joy. Robin loves Lakin so much too. Forever grateful. Admire/respect you tons for how you love your dogs so, keep up with so many puppy owners, your passion and endless energies.

Thanks, Cathy. Appreciate you so much. You are amazing. Appreciate your heart and efforts immensely!"

— Mike Rowell - Ben and Lucy 2019

"Our sweet Maci Bea has been one busy girl! She’s quite the gardener and already had her first bath... from gardening. She loves her crate—maybe 3rd time’s the charm for us parents—and she’s doing great with going potty outside! She’s met the leaf blower, vacuum and lawn mower (not at the same time!!) and each gave her treats. Even without the treats, she couldn’t care less! I love this girl’s demeanor!! 
Cathy—you are AMAZING and I will sing your praises/recommend your pups to all!!"

— Shari Sauer – Bea and Ben 2020

"We are new to the Lakeshore Goldens family, but already so smitten with all of the beauty, brilliance, happiness, personality and sense of humor that shines from each and every one of the Lakeshore furballs that you all share here. Thank you, Cathy, for trusting us to take good care of one of your babies."

— Patricia Lloyd – Willow and Ben 2020

"Huge shout out to Cathy for doing a phenomenal job with her pups. Last night was Benny’s first night In a crate. He whined for 10 minutes and slept for 6 hours straight. He didn’t whine to get up, I just felt bad and got up to start our routine since I have to be at work at 7. Fantastic job! Every time I took him out, he did his business...not 1 accident!! Kudos, Cathy!"

— Chris Sullivan – Willow and Ben 2020

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