About us


Located in Central North Carolina


Upon locating the lake side house of our dreams, I wanted a water loving dog to enjoy the lake with us.  I fell in love with the European Style Golden Retriever and researched for months to find a quality male.  I had no intentions of showing or breeding at the time, but the boy I chose developed into such a beautiful companion and friend, that I decide to get his health certifications and show him.  He needed a friend to play and swim with so I began looking for foundation stock to start Lakeshore Goldens where I strive to select the best breeding combinations for health, quality, temperament, structure and companionship.  I am now in my eighth year of breeding Golden Retrievers, but have 30 years of experience as a breeder of Samoyeds, Shelties, Shih-tzu's and Goldens.  All have been family friends and companions.


Our dogs are part of our family and live inside with us.  They are raised kennel free and full of adventure and beauty.